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Employee Referrals: Great Source of Talent Acquisition

  Employee Referrals are a Great Source of Talent Acquisition Hiring the right person for the job sometimes means having the right person already on the job. Human culture turns on relationships.  Whether personal or professional—social connections matter, especially when you are recruiting for experience, skill, and fit. When you are looking to hire, or…

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Employer Reconnaissance

Many recruiters already know what tools to use to research prospective candidates for jobs, such as social media sites and a simple Google search, but what about researching the actual companies you are representing to learn more about them?

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The Invisible Truths Behind Resumes

As a recruiter, you depend so much on a simple piece of paper to tell you if a candidate is well qualified and the right fit for the job. But do you ever wonder about what this document isn’t telling you?

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