Data Storage

BrightMove's presence in the AWS Cloud ensures that no matter how big your company grows or how extensive your need for storage becomes, we'll always be able to scale with you.

Data Storage is important, be it candidate resumes, job profiles, client contracts or simple contact records, and it's part of our job to ensure that your ability to maintain a robust universe of staffing data is always supported.

Data Migration 2

Data Migration

Regardless of where you're coming from, our team of Data Migration specialists will ensure that your historic staffing data finds a proper home in BrightMove.

Whether it's a database export from a popular ATS, spreadsheet exports from a CMS or simply a mass of attachments files, we'll find a way to integrate your valuable data into BrightMove in a way that best serves your needs going forward.

Not only do we offer you the ability to carry forward your existing information, but we'll work with you to ensure that specifics bits and pieces are integrated into BrightMove in the right way, not only providing guidance on where individual chunks of information should go, but how we can best map your data to work with our system's many features and functions.

You'll be able to see this happen from beginning to end, verifying and revising your data as it moves through the conversion process to ensure that the final product is exactly what you're expecting and that it meets your business' needs.