BrightMove Essentials Pricing Example

BrightMove Essentials is a real “pay for only what you use” Applicant Tracking System.  Essentials include a full-featured, turnkey recruiting solution for any sized firm.

Pricing Example

BrightMove Essentials pricing is very simple and easy to understand.  To give you an idea of what a typical monthly bill would look like we have provided a pricing example for a basic configuration.

QtyDescriptionUnit PriceDailyMonthly
Grand Total$1.05$31.50
1Career Portal$0.25$0.25$7.50
1Up to 1000 Applicants/Candidates$0.10$0.10$3.00
1Up to 1000 Contacts$0.10$0.10$3.00
1Up to 1000 Jobs$0.10$0.10$3.00
5Open Job - Distributed to Indeed and other Free Job Boards$0.05$0.25$7.50